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Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy Report for 2015 and 2016


Janne Mortten Katherine Baldock

Site category

Allotments, Nature reserve, Parks, Public gardens, Roundabouts, School grounds

Organisations involved

Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol City Council, Bee Bristol, University of West England, South Gloucestershire Council, Buglife, Friends of the Earth Bristol, University of Bristol

Type of content

Community engagement / outreach






Wildflower planting

Project Details

The project is based within the greater Bristol area and aims to 1.Protect existing habitat and increase the amount of pollinator habitat across the Greater Bristol urban area. 2.Raise awareness of the importance of insect pollinators among the public, business and private landowners. It aims to do this by: 1. Founding  a local Pollinator Forum to share knowledge and best practice among organisations and community groups. 2. Establishing a joined-up approach to pollinator conservation in the Greater Bristol area by linking projects together through the ‘Get Bristol Buzzing’ initiative. 3. Identifying and map locations of good pollinator habitat in the Greater Bristol Area. 4. Seting up a ‘Get Bristol Buzzing’ website and promote available resources. 5. Engageing with the public and encourage pollinator-friendly gardening practices. 6. Running Workshops to increase knowledge and understanding of land management for pollinators. 7. Review the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy at the end of 2015 and revise if necessary. The report shows the progress of the project in 2015-16 and provides information and inspiration how other areas can do similar.


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