This is a selection of general pollinator-themed videos found by our staff and contributors. If you would like to add a video to this list, please fill out a quick form. Videos that are related to specific research, guidance, or projects should be added as a resource.

How to make a bumblebee nest box

Bumblebee researcher Dave Goulson (University of Sussex) demonstrates how to dig a nesting site for bumblebees in your garden.

Provide a home for solitary bees

University of Sussex’s Dave Goulson demonstrates how nesting boxes for solitary bees, particularly red mason bees, work in practice.

How to encourage hoverflies in your garden

Dave Goulson shows how to create breeding habitat for hoverflies in your garden.

The Beauty of Pollination

Scenes of pollinators and pollination shot through time lapse photography and presented at a TED conference in 2011.

The Pollinator Pathway: Connecting Landscapes in the Age of Humankind

A TED Talk by Sarah Bergmann, CEO and Founder of the Pollinator Pathway, a project aiming to create interconnected green urban spaces by involving citizens, private organisations and local governments.

Quantifying variation among garden plants in attractiveness to bees and other insects

Prof. Francis Ratnieks discusses the results of a University of Sussex research project on different garden plants’ value for attracting pollinators.

Insects in the City: Can cities save our bees?

A documentary on pollinator loss, the importance of native wild pollinators, and the role of urban environments in their conservation. Made by Mosaic, a science magazine published by the Wellcome Trust.

Bees in the City: Wolff Olins’ London Roof Garden Bee Hive

Profiles the London-based communications agency Wolff Olins who have installed a bee-friendly roof garden on their office building.

Bees’ Needs: food and a home

An animated Defra video released in support of the government’s National Pollinator Strategy. Deals with the process of pollination, the cause of pollinator decline and what measures can be taken to support pollinators.

Bee World – Nature and People Thriving Together

As part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee World campaign, a South London homeless shelter planted a wildflower meadow. The project aims to help pollinators and portray homeless people in a more positive light.

Britain’s Solitary Bees

A documentary detailing the life cycle of a number of UK solitary bee species. Produced by Team Candiru, a UK-based production company specialised in wildlife documentaries.

The Solitary Bees from Team Candiru on Vimeo.